Extra Session

If you are looking for additional training to supplement an existing program then this package is for you. We offer training programs for Gymnastics, Olympic Lifting, and CrossFit Accessory Movements that will give you the boost you need to hone your fitness level.

Types of Programs
Improve basic level gymnastics movements that will help you develop high-skill gymnastics proficiency.

Olympic Lifting
Improve your Olympic lifts by doing barbell accessory work that will improve your snatch and clean & jerk.

CrossFit Accessory Movements
These are movement that will help strengthen the everyday CrossFitter and help you improve overall strength and metcon times. If you’re doing the RP Diet, this would be good additional training on non-weight training days or light training days.

Cost: $9 per week

What’s included:
• Initial Weakness Questionnaire
• Access To 1 Specialty Program (Gymnastics, Olympic Lifting, CrossFit Accessory Movements)
• 3 Days/Week Of Programming
• Delivered Online
• Individual Use Only
• No Lock In Contracts
• Results Analysis

How it works:
Once you sign-up, you will receive a GoogleDoc each week with the Extra Session movements and exercises. If there’s a new or unfamiliar movement, a YouTube link to will be embeded for you to view.
Your account will receive an auto draft every week, which will then prompt the GoogleDoc to be sent to you. You may can cancel at anytime by logging into your Pike account and cancelling. You may also renew your Extra Session account by signing up for it online through your Pike account.

More info or to sign-up:

Contact Coach Brandon at brandon@noexcusescrossfit.com

How many days per week is Extra Session?
It is three days a week.

Are there specific days I can do Extra Session?
No. You can do it on any day you want. It could me Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Monday through Wednesday. It’s whatever fits your schedule.

If I miss one day, can I do two Extra Sessions on another day?
You could, but that might be too time consuming with two 20-30 minute sessions and then a 60-minute class.

Why is the cost per week?
The cost per week is for your convenience. If you’re out of town, injured, want to cancel, etc. you don’t have to pay for unused weeks/sessions.

When can Extra Session be done at the gym?
Extra Session can be performed before class, during Part A of class, or after class.

How long will Extra Session take to do each day?
The extra session will take about 20-30 minutes with set-up and breakdown of equipment.