Friday 11.20.20

It’s Benchmark Week, so when you come to the gym please get your scorecard from the basket. Please fill out your scorecard and return it to the basket after class each day.

2 Sets
Row x 60 sec
Single leg Dumbbell RDL x 5 reps per leg
Dual Front Rack Kettlebell Carry x 50 ft
Bottoms ups Kettlebell Single arm press x 5 per side

Benchmark Day 4
Max Time Sorsean Hold
*must be 2 min or greater to move on

10 RM Dumbbell Suitcase Deadlifting
*Guys must be able to do 70’s and lady’s 50’s to move on

3 Rm Deadlift
*Must be able to hit body weight x 1.5 to move on

1 RM Deadlift

8 Rm Single arm Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press
*Must be 30% of body weight or greater to move on

1 Rm Shoulder Press
*Must be 75/65% or greater of body weight to move on

1 RM Push Press

-Aerobic Power-
6 min Amrap
Single arm Dumbbell Thruster Right x 6 reps 50/35
Burpee x 3 reps
Single arm Dumbbell Thruster Left x 6 reps 50/35
Burpee x 3 reps