Friday 11.9.12

It’s FRIDAY!!! Partner WOD today!

1. Clean and Jerk
1 Rep Max

2. “Mule in Paris”
With a Partner AMRAP 12:
1, 2, 3 Squat Clean Thruster (135, 95)

One athlete works while the other rests.  If Kevin and Matt are partners, Kevin does one rep then Matt does one rep.  Kev does two reps and then Matt does two.  Kev does three reps and Matt does three reps.  That is one round.  They would then repeat the same sequence, 1.2.3…1.2.3…
Partial rounds count.  Score as complete rounds + extra reps (ie, 4+6).
This workout is harder and a better stimulus when done with a partner, but if you train solo you can do AMRAP 8 of 1-2-3 with a :30 rest between all reps.

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