Friday 5.1.20

3 Sets
Squat Twist and reach x 10 per side
Kneeling Hip Hing x 10 reps
PVC Passthrough + OHS x 10 reps

16min Emom
6 Stick Hang Power Snatch + 6 Stick Overhead Squat

9 min Amrap
Squat Jumps x 21 reps
Shuttle run x 150 meters (10 meter segments)
No pushup Burpee x 9 reps

At the Gym
8 sets
Hang Power Snatch Cluster x 1.1.1
Rest 15 sec between reps
On the 2 min Marks
*build in weight on each set. Start at a light almost warm up weight and build to the last set in moderate and nowhere near heavy

4 min Amrap
Row for cal
Burpee Over rower
-Then right into-
5 min Amrap
Alternating Single arm Devils Press 35’s/20’s