Friday 6.28.19

• Please try to attend all four Benchmark days on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. If you miss a day, you can make it up on Thursday or Saturday. But please let the coach know before class.

• We want to celebrate your accomplishments in class! If you hit a personal record, ring the bell to let everyone know. Also, let a coach know before the lift so he or she can record your personal record. Finally, be sure to post your personal record on the PR window by the boxes.

Standing Long Jump x 3 Attempts

-5min rest-

1 RM Deadlift

-5min Rest-

Tabata Squat/Push Up
8 Sets
Squat x as many reps as possible for 20 sec
Rest 10 sec
8 Sets
Push Up as Many Reps as possible for 20 sec
Rest 10 sec
*Between Squats and push ups there is no additional break besides the 10sec
*You will record 2 scores, the number of reps on the round you performed the least reps of each movement
*Scaled Push Up will have Incline Bar set to #7