Friday 8.13.21


Equipment required: Foam roller, light/medium band

1) Foam Roll Pecs 60s each

2) Biphasic Pec Stretch 60s each

3) 3 Rounds of:

– 10ft Crab Walk Forward

– 10 Band Pass through

– 10 Banded Pull-aparts

– 10 Scap Pull-ups


Strict Chin Up

5 x 6. 


– sets of 6 should be hard so add weight if needed or perform at bodyweight OR partner assisted.

– add 3-5 reps to last weeks total volume

Rx+: (Side to Side Chin-ups)


DB Floor Press

5 x 10-12. 


-Was 8-10 reps last week


3 Handstand Push-ups

12 DB Hang Power Cleans (50/35)

3 Rope Climbs

12 DB Push Press

– Goal: Challenging effort. Break sets early and instead of trying to push these unbroken to find a sustainable pace that allows you to avoid of excessive grip fatigue.

Recommended Scaling Options

Rx+: (20ft Handstand Walk) (60/45) (2 Legless Rope Climbs)

L3: (40/25)

L2: (Box HSPU or Box Knee HSPU) (30/15) (2 Rope Climbs)

L1: (A-Frame Push-up, 6 each Single Arm DB Z-Press) (20/10) (Rope Climb Standing to Ground)


Upper Back Tri-set

​​3 x 10 each position.