Friday, April 20, 2012.

THE POWER CLEAN (Read this) 

– Barbell Power Clean – set 1 RM (if you are not fully comfortable with the Power Clean, then do Deadlift 1 RM instead with Power clean technique during your Warm up)

EMOM perform 3 Power Cleans for 10 minutes.  If you fail to complete within the minute, stop and record what minute you got to.

NEA Competitors: 205#/155#
NEA Big Dawgs: 185#/135#
NEA Pack: 135#/95#

NEA Moms:  Don’t max today.  Instead Row 3 x 500 m Rows while maintaining within 5 sec row interval.  For EMOM Power Cleans use 55#

Congrats to Jeff Kingery for passing his Level 1 CrossFit Certification Test!  Be on the lookout for him be a Coach in Training for the next few months.  We are super excited to have him apart of the Team! 

Jeff Power Clean