Granite Games Throwdown May 5 Recap

There was challenging workouts, a fun atmosphere, and a lot of sweat.

You could say it was a fun day at No Excuses CrossFit on Saturday, May 5 at the Granite Games Throwdown.

Rx Male Division

The event drew 32 teams, led by CrossFit Identity with six, in four different divisions. Four teams drove more than two hours from the Columbus and Warner Robins areas.

One of those teams was Team Full Tilt, the men’s Rx winners, who were confident coming into the competition. “We knew we’d do well,” said Full Tilt member Derek. “And if we could do it over, we’d practice the transitions and tag-ins when preparing.”

Full Tilt’s members also praised the Granite Games format. “We liked doing the WODs paired up with the short rest time,” Brandon told us after the event. “We also really liked the No Excuses warm up area, since there was plenty of space.”

Rx Women Division

Demo Team, the women’s Rx winners, were mostly glad to have spent time with great people at the event. “We didn’t get the chance to practice together or even meet one of our team members in person before the event,” the team said after winning. “But it was great to have fun together, and the event was run really smoothly.”

PCP (Pineapple, Champagne, Pizza) was the name of the team that won the men’s scaled division. “We were just expecting to get a good workout in before Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby,” Pizza and Champagne told us on their way off the podium. “We ended up enjoying the location, the setup, and the swag bags for the event, though.”

Scaled Men Division

They did have some ideas for the next competition. “Next time we’d do a food truck,” they added.

The female scaled winners, Opex Canton, felt strongly about their odds in the division. “We didn’t have enough members with bar muscle ups to do the Rx division,” Brooke noted, “but we work well together, and we prepared ahead of time.”

Sponsors and vendors for the event included Active Care Atlanta, WOD & Done, Fit Vine Wine, Taco Mac, and Kill Cliff.

We really appreciate our volunteers for donating their time: Mary Beth Krone, Brandon Sullivan, Jeremy Edmondson, Karen Whitlock, MacKenzie Maynard, Chris Fischer, Kyle Benderoth, Yessica Rojas, Addison Williams, Glen Wilkins, Chris Mount, Angie Drexler, Min Oh, Ken Lundin, Leslie Brigman, Kim Guthrie, Cameron Weeks.

Scaled Women Division

All podium teams and categories

Full results can be viewed here.

Men’s Rx

1st Team Full Tilt (Full Tilt CrossFit), 8 points

2nd Bald and Broken (CrossFit Identity), 8 points

3rd White Chocolate Mocha (CrossFit Sacrifice), 10 points

Women’s Rx

1st Demo Team (CrossFit Sacrifice), 5 points

2nd You Can’t Squat With Us (CrossFit Remnant), 7 points

3rd Squatline Bling (CrossFit Identity), 14 points

Men’s Scaled

1st PCP (Cox CrossFit), 7 points

2nd CrossFit Carnivore (CrossFit Carnivore), 13 points

3rd Scalasaurus Reps (CrossFit Paulding), 13 points

Women’s Scaled

1st Opex Canton (Opex), 4 points

2nd Will WOD For Wine (CrossFit Alpharetta), 12 points

3rd Bacon and Legs (CrossFit Identity), 13 points