Granite Games Throwdown September 14, 2019 recap


The workouts were tough, the crowd was loud, and it was an exciting atmosphere.

It was a fun day at No Excuses CrossFit on Saturday, September 14 at the Granite Games Throwdown.

The event drew 42 teams, led by No Excuses CrossFit with nine, in four different divisions. 

Beards & Barbells, the men’s intermediate winners, didn’t know what to expect coming into the competition. “I had no expectations,” said Nathan Black from BGB CrossFit. “We were coming to have fun.” 

BGB CrossFit also won the Female Intermediate division. “I didn’t know what to expect. You never know what you’re walking into. I wasn’t expecting anything,” said Emma Mason from Girls Just Want To Have Buns. “The facility and people, everyone we met was awesome and it was run nice and smooth.” 

Women’s Intermediate Division

Black did make a suggestion for the next competition. “The facility was awesome. The judging was pretty good. It was good and fair,” Black said. “I would say shorter breaks in between the workouts. It just made the day longer than I think it needed to be.” 

CrossFit Jaglion, the men’s scaled winners, had to overcome some injuries during their training. “We were struggling with some injuries at first with our training, but after the past week we thought we could get first place,” said Samir Mattar. “We recovered pretty well.” 

Men’s Scaled Division

Mattar praised the event and the judgring. “The atmosphere was really good. The people were nice. The judges were great, they were efficient,” Mattar said. “I know sometimes it can be a hassle and it can be hard, but they worked with us. We are for sure going to come back.”

2 Minors And A Master, the female scaled winners, felt confident coming in they could reach the podium. “I thought we would maybe place,” said Jacqui Tollett from South Hall CrossFit. “Everything was great. I loved how organized it was. I’ve been to competitions where it was not organized. And everything was on time, it was never way off track and hours later.” 

Women’s Scaled Division

Partners and vendors for the event included Betos Tacos, Livesore Atlanta, ThumbShield, FlexFit Sports Maintenance & Therapy, Crossover Symmetry, Metta, Chomps, ENERGYbits, Creapure, RxBar, Born Primitive, Zevia, and Jaxon Jovie. 

We really appreciate our volunteers for donating their time: Jeremy Edmondson, MacKenzie Maynard, Barbara Parsons, Geoff Clott, Harold Patrick, JC Sierra, Min Oh, Adam Rojas, Dena Cecil, Shawna Block, Shyam Rachamalla, Chris Schwarzer, Jeff Gaskins, Ashley Pettit, Holly Edmondson, Leslie Brigman, Jenny Fancher, Jeff Kearse, Amy Hood, Grace Byrd, Cameron Weeks, Chris Fischer.

All podium teams and categories

Full results can be viewed here.

Men’s Intermediate

1st Beards & Barbells (BGB CrossFit), 6 points

2nd Mike and the 2 phenoms (No Excuses CrossFit), 9 points

3rd Mean Shruggin’ (CrossFit Resurgens at Powers Ferry), 13 points

Women’s Intermediate

1st Girls just want to have buns (BGB CrossFit), 8 points

2nd Despasquato (No Excuses CrossFit), 9 points

3rd Trap Queens (CrossFit Sweetwater), 12 points

Men’s Scaled

1st CrossFit Jaglion (CrossFit Jaglion), 10 points

2nd The Biscuits (CrossFit 285), 10 points

3rd Pure Shady (CrossFit Pure), 14 points

Women’s Scaled

1st 2 minors and a major (South Hall CrossFit), 5 points

2nd Moves Like Jagger (CrossFit East Decatur/Move Functional Fitness), 10 points

3rd The WOD Squad (South Hall CrossFit), 12 points