Gymnastics class


Duration: Eight weeks

When: Tuesday & Thursday at 9:30 am or 6:00 pm

Starts: Tuesday, Oct. 2

Cost: $200

Coached by: Adam Reese


The gymnastics/skills class was very informative. Coach Adam does a great job breaking down the movements into steps. This helps you asses what you need to work on in order to progress and master the movements. Overall beneficial for developing the various CrossFit movements.”

Adam’s knowledge and instruction is outstanding. He is very patient and has a great way of demonstrating the succession of steps for each gymnastic move as well as a multiple step process to build up to the gymnastic move. I was so surprised at how mastering individual moves/steps building up to the final gymnastic movement made it easier to practice and become more coordinated.”

During regular classes I never learned how to do handstand push-ups. I had done a few negatives, but always scaled during the WOD. In the skills class I learned the proper form and was able to perform multiple reps. After two sessions of double-under work I increased the number of double unders I could string together from 4-5 to 21. Those are the most dramatic improvements I saw, but I saw improvements in a wide range of skills from rope climbs, to toes to bar, to split jerks.”



1. If I am new to gymnastics movements can I do this class OR I have been doing these movements for a long time, is this class right for me?

Yes and yes, this class will improve anyone at any level. It’s for the beginner that needs to understand the concept of the movements to the person who needs those small nuances fixed. All movements are based off of skill level. Remember no matter how new or experienced you are at the movements, being under watchful eyes will always help you improve.

2. What movements will be covered in the class?





Rope climbs




MU transitions on rings and bar

3. Can I just attend a few random classes and pay for those individual classes attended?

The program is designed to progress over the course of a 8-week period so random attendance will have no real benefit long-term for your improvement. With that being said certain situations always come up so as long as there is consistency we can work with you.

4. What about my conditioning?

The class will be focused on form, function, positioning and consistence in movement over quantity of movement.  You can do a CrossFit WOD before the gymnastics class if you want to, but fatigue from doing too much volume might have a negative affect.

If you have any more question or would like to sign up for the class please contact Adam Reese at or Brandon Brigman at