Hugo Classic 2020

Hugo Classic Weightlifting Meet

When: Saturday, April 25

Where: No Excuses CrossFit

Registration fee: 

  • $30 with shirt (portion will be donated to Annandale Village)
  • $20 with no shirt (portion will be donated to Annandale Village)


  • 7:00 am – Weigh-in 1
  • 9:00 am – Flight 1 and Weight-in 2
  • 11:00 am – Flight 2
  • 1:00 pm – Award ceremony


  • Top male and female lifter in each weight class
  • Top overall male and female lifter based on weight lifted and bodyweight

Weight classes:

  • Male: 121 pounds, 134.2, 147.4, 160.6, 178.2, 195.8, 211.2, 224.4, 239.8, 239.8+
  • Female: 99 pounds, 107.8, 121, 129.8, 140.8, 156.2, 167.2, 178.2, 191.4, 191.4+

How it works:

  • Each athlete gets three attempts in the snatch and clean and jerk (6 lifts total).


  • Why are we having a weightlifting meet? 

CrossFit is a mixture of several sports, including weightlifting. We do the snatch and clean and jerk in CrossFit very often. This is an opportunity to apply what we have learned in the sport of weightlifting. 

  • Is this a sanctioned meet?

No, this is a fun and casual meet for No Excuses CrossFit members to experience the sport. You do not need a USA Weightlifting card to participate. 

  • Do I need to wear any special equipment to participate?

No, you do not need to wear a singlet. You can wear your regular shirt and shorts. If you have weightlifting shoes, that would be great to wear, but is not required. 

  • How will I prepare for the meet?

Our group classes are designed to have a weightlifting emphasis for the next few weeks. So just come to class and work on the movements.

  • I think I may need a little more help to prepare for the meet. What should I do? 

We have two weightlifting clinics scheduled to help give you some more practice for the meet. The first is the snatch clinic on March 28 and the second is a clean and jerk clinic on April 11. Both are complimentary with your registration to the meet. If you feel like you need 1-on-1 help, you can schedule a personal training session with a coach by emailing Brandon to set it up. 

  • Do I need to cut weight for my weight class?

Cutting weight is not recommended to participate in the meet. Remember, this is for fun. You shouldn’t risk trying to lose a bunch of weight in a short amount of time to compete. 

  • Do I need to be able to lift a certain amount of weight to participate?

No, this meet is for fun and a way for you to experience the sport of weightlifting.  

  • I’m just a beginner, but I want to participate. Is that OK?

Yes, this weightlifting meet is intended for everyone. From beginners to advanced weightlifters. We want everyone to participate!

  • I’ve never done a weightlifting meet. How will I know what to do?

Power and Grace Performance will be on-site the day of the event to help you. They will be there to guide you through various things like a proper warm-up, what weight to start with and move up, etc. 

  • I’m unable to do a squat snatch or squat clean. Can I do a power snatch or power clean?

Yes. You may do power for both lifts. There’s no requirement to do a full squat. 

  • Who will be the judges for the event?

Power and Grace Performance will be the judges for the Hugo Classic.

  • What’s included in my registration fee?

In addition to participating in the weightlifting meet, you will also receive an exclusive Hugo Classic shirt, and entry to the complimentary snatch clinic (March 28) and clean and jerk clinic (April 11).  Also, a portion of your registration fee will be donated to Annandale Village. 

  • OK, I’m in. How do I register?

Email to let us know you’re in!