Hugo Open 2019 Teams

Below are the teams for the Hugo Open on Saturday, Aug. 24.

Here are your next steps:

  1. Send Brandon your shirt size. (reply to email he sent you on July 30)
  2. Meet your teammates. Contact them through Facebook, Email, Text, In-Person.
  3. Create a team name and send it to Brandon by Friday, Aug. 9.
  4. Mark your calendar for Saturday, Aug. 10 as a Hugo Open practice day at the gym.
  5. Keep training hard and eating right.
Team Alpha Team Bravo Team Charlie Team Delta Team Echo Team Foxtrot Team Golf Team Hotel Team India Team Julia Team Kilo Team Lima
Chris F. JC S. Tyler B. Drew G. Scot P. Min O. AJ H. Glen W. Abram D. Corey B. Ethan D. JT O.
Bond N. Robbie W. Aiden D. Matt Z. Bob S. Ken W. Jon O. Jeff G. Dan W. Leo N. Mike J. Tyler J.
Greg H. Benji W. Adam P. Pete S. Jeremy E. Adam T. Jeff H. Bill B. Warren W. Jeff K. Josh D. Gus C.
Kim G. Emily S. Tina M. Lori P. Karen W. Natasha B. Sarah M. Ashley D. Martha R. Shawna G. Kim B. Jenni C.
Stephanie P. Yessica R. Leslie B. Stacey O. Nicole W. Ivet H. Ashley W. Carrie B. Lilly V. MacKenzie M. Lindsay M. Jamie P.