Hugo Open 2022 Workouts

Workout 1 – ‘Hi, my name is’

Submit team name by Friday, August 12 at 12pm.

Workout 2 – ‘Dirty Plates’


Minute 1: Plate Lunges (15/10#)

Minute 2: Plate Devil’s Press (15/10#)

Minute 3: Plate Sit Up (15/10#)

Minute 4: Plate Goblet Squats (15/10#)

Minute 5: Plate Ground to Overhead (15/10#)

  • 5 scores
  • Max reps for each movement.
  • One Person does one movement at a time.
  • Each person must do five movements, but it can be any 5 movements. 
  • Plates start on the ground. (You can’t hand to teammate)
  • Clock set for 15 1-minute periods
  • Two non-working people are in the waiting area.
  • Can change people before the clock beeps, but can’t start working until the clock beeps. 
  • Waiting area by the pull up rig. 
  • For the plate sit up, the plate starts behind the head and finishes in front of the toes to count. You may use an ab mat. 

Workout 3 – ‘Pull and Push’

For Total Time and Total Weight

2K Row


3RM Deadlift


-15-minute time cap

-Two barbells — one for women and one for men.  

-Two scores — one score is the total weight lifted by all three athletes, the second score is total time for the 2K row.

-Each person must row at least 250m meters at a time.

-Monitor will be set for 2K row.

-Must have collars on the barbell for the deadlift to count.

Workout 4 – ‘Double Repeat’

For Time:

50 Power Snatch (75/55)

50 Box Jump/Step Over (20-inch)

50 Knee Raises

50 Wall Ball (14/10, 9-foot)

50 T2B

50 Burpee over plate

50 Power Clean (75/55)

TIME CAP = 15:00

-One person working at a time.

-While one person is working, a second person is holding a pair of 35# KBs.

-Two scores — time when your team finishes the wall balls and time or total reps when your team finishes the power cleans. 

– One person working, one person in the KB holding area, one person in the waiting area. 

– must be 9 feet and not above or below it. 

Workout 5 – ‘Sled and Sand’


Sled Push (with sandbag on sled) x 25m

Sandbag over shoulder x 15 reps

Sled Rope Pull (with sandbag on sled) x 25m

Sandbag deadlift x 15 cal 

-One person working at a time

-Must stay in the same order — athlete 1, athlete 2, athlete 3, athlete 1, athlete 2, etc…

-Score is total number of rounds and meters/reps completed

-Meters only counted at 25.

-Second sandbag is held by a resting partner. Sandbags may never touch the ground.

-If the sandbag falls off the sled, you must return to the start line and start over.

-The sled/sandbag and the athlete must cross the line before the next person can go. 

– One movement completed at a time.