Hugo Open 7 workouts

Hugo Open

When: Saturday, August 22

Where: No Excuses CrossFit


• 6:30 am – Gym opens

• 6:45 am – Registration check-in opens

• 7:30 am – Registration check-in closes

• 7:45 am – Gym picture

• 8:00 am – Second workout

• 9:20 am – Third workout

• 10:40 am – Fourth Workout

• 12:00 pm – Fifth Workout

• 1:00 pm – Awards

Workout 1: 

Turn in team name

  • Must be emailed to by Thursday, August 13 at 11:59pm
  • Team names can be serious or funny, but please keep it appropriate for the gym. 

Workout 2: 

7 minutes (2 athletes working)

5 Devils Press (20#)

40 Single Unders

30-foot Bear Crawl

-Rest 1 minute-

7 minutes (2 athletes working)

5 DB Thruster (35#)

20 Step Back Lunges (10 reps per leg)

30-foot Farmers Carry (55#)


  • Watch this movement standards video.
  • Two different scores
  • One athlete will do both workouts. The other two athletes will do one workout. 
  • Once two athletes start a workout, both must finish the workout. There’s no subbing out athletes once the workout has started. 
  • For the Devils Press, you will do a burpee with your chest to the ground, stand up with the DBs in your hands and swing them overhead in one motion. You may not bring the DBs to your shoulders and then press overhead. 
  • Must do single unders. No double unders allowed. 
  • Bear crawl and farmers carry is 15 feet down and 15 feet back. 
  • For the bear crawl, the athlete must have both hands and feet start and finish behind the line and at the turnaround.
  • For the DB thruster, one head of the DB must rest on your shoulder as you descend into a squat. You will stand out of the squat and press the DBs over head in one motion. The DBs must finish over your head and center of your body and not out in front of you.
  • Step back lunges will have no external load. You will start from a standing position and step back until your back knee touches the ground. You will return to standing and then switch legs. You must alternate legs between reps. 

Workout 3: 

5 minutes each to find max lift

Snatch (male)

Clean (female)

Clean and Jerk (male)


  • Watch this movement standards video.
  • 3 different scores
  • All females must do the clean.
  • Each athlete will have 5 minutes to find a 1-rep max.
  • Non working athletes may assist with loading and unloading the barbell. 
  • Athletes must let the judge know how much weight is on the bar before each lift. 
  • Athletes may perform power or full squat for the snatch or clean. 
  • The snatch must be taken from the ground to overhead in one motion. No pausing at the hip or hang snatch is allowed. A slight pressout will be allowed. Elbows, hips and knees must be locked out with the weight overhead for the rep to count. 
  • The clean must be taken from the ground to the shoulder in one motion. No pausing at the hip or hang clean is allowed. Hips and knees must be locked out with the weight in the front rack position for the rep to count. 
  • The clean and jerk will use the same standards as the clean and will include pressing the bar overhear in any manor. That includes shoulder press, push press, push jerk or split jerk. If performing a split jerk, the athlete must bring both feet together under their hips with the weight overhead for the rep to count. 

Workout 4: 

For Time:

50 Synchronized Ring Pulls

40 Synchronized Back squat (75/55#)

30 Synchronized Box jump/step over (20-inch)

20 Synchronized Power Snatches (75/55#)

10 Burpee C2B pull up (one person working)

50 Synchronized Knee raises

40 Synchronized Front squat (75/55#)

30 Synchronized DB Box step over (20/35#, 20-inch)

20 Synchronized Power cleans (75/55#)

10 Burpee Bar MU (one person working)


  • Watch this movement standards video.
  • 15-minute time cap
  • Two people working at a time. May switch people working as necessary. 
  • There will be one 75-pound barbell and 55-pound barbell. Males and females can use whichever barbell. Or you can have two males use each barbell. 
  • Ring Pulls are Granite Games standards. Bottom of the ring will be 34 inches from the ground. Arms must be extended at the bottom, chest must touch the ring at the top. Knees may be bent or straight as long as the arms are extended and the ring touches the chest. 
  • For the synchronized back squat and front squat, both athletes must be at the bottom of the squat at the same time for the rep to count. Athletes must stand all the way up at the top. 
  • For the box jump/step over and box step over, both athletes must have both feet touch the top of the box and on the other side of the box for the rep to count.
  • For the power snatches, both athletes must have the barbell overhead and locked out at the same time with knees and hips locked out as well. 
  • For the burpee C2B and burpee bar muscle up, the rep begins with a burpee on the floor and the chest touching the ground. You do not need to jump and clap when you stand. After the burpee, you will perform a C2B or bar muscle up. Chest (not clothing) must touch the bar when doing C2B. Arms must be locked out at the top of the bar muscle up. No forearms can touch the bar or feet touch the rig on the bar muscle up. 
  • For the knee raises, the athlete must be hanging from the bar with feet off the ground. The feet need to be behind the athlete and then raise the knees above the waist. 
  • For the power cleans, both athletes must have the barbell in the front rack position with the elbows in front of the barbell. Knees and hips must be locked out. 
  • The workout is complete when all 10 bar muscle ups are completed. 

Workout 5: Row/Bike/Sled

15-minute AMRAP

100-meter sled push (50m down/back)

250-meter row 

100-meter sled push 

400-meter Bike 

100-meter sled push 

250-meter row 

100-meter sled push 

400-meter Bike 

100-meter sled push 

250-meter row 

100-meter sled push  

400-meter Bike 



  • Watch this movement standards video.
  • Workout is performed outside.
  • One person working at a time.
  • Sled is down and back.
  • No weight on the sled.
  • Must keep the same order of athletes. Murph, Fran, Randy, Murph, Fran, Randy, etc.
  • You can only switch athletes once a movement is complete.
  • Sled push is 50 meters down and 50 meters back. The entire sled must pass the line down and at the finish line. 
  • Athletes must reset the monitor on the rower and bike before starting each round. 
  • Athletes may not start the sled push until the row or bike is completed.
  • Non working athletes may turn the sled around after the 100-meter push is completed. 
  • Athletes must stay on the bike or rower until the distance has been complete. You can’t get off the rower or bike early and let the meters cruise.