Hugo Open 8 teams

The teams for Hugo Open 8 have been announced! This year’s Hugo will be teams of three with two males and one female. The Hugo Open is our annual in-house competition and will be held on Saturday, August 28 from 8 am to 1 pm.

You can view all the workouts for Hugo Open 8 at this link.

Workout 1: 

Turn in team name

  • Must be emailed to by Thursday, August 12 at 11:59pm
  • Team names can be serious or funny, but please keep it appropriate for the gym.
  • Team names turned in before the deadline will receive 100 first-place points. Team names submitted on Friday will receive 80 points, Saturday, 60 points, Sunday 40 points, Monday 20 points, Tuesday 0 points.

Hugo Ope 8 teams

Alexis S., Abram D., Dhillon S.

Tina M., Addison C., Dan S.

Emily H., Jae K. Nate R.

Jamie P., Shyam R., Dave D.

Beth R., David T., Jon O.

Taylor R., Min O., Eli B.

Markie D., Jason R., Bill H.

Sarah P., JC S., Jay B.

Jenny F., Josh C., Tim T.

Jiyun K., Scot P., Bill B.

Ivet H., AJ H., Pete S.

Michelle C., Jane H., Olivia L.