Hugo Open Prep: Do’s and Don’t’s

In case you need a little help or might have some nerves for the competition, here’s our list of Do’s and Don’t’s in preparation for the upcoming Hugo Open:

Do: Get 7-9 hours of sleep every night for a week leading up to the event.
Don’t: Try to get 9 hours of sleep the night before to make up for the lack of sleep earlier in the week; recovery doesn’t work that way.

Do: Eat healthier in the week leading up to the Hugo by making smarter whole food choices (lean meats, veggies, healthy fat, healthy carbs) and eliminating as much refined sugar as possible.
Don’t: Overhaul your diet at the last minute thinking it’s going to immediately change your performance.

Do: Prep food the night before competition day. You will need to eat between the WOD’s, not just at breakfast.
Don’t: Scramble the morning of competition to figure out what to eat and have nothing ready or planned throughout the morning.

Do: Treat fueling (eating) as a normal day. Eat foods you enjoy and are used to eating.
Don’t: Introduce new foods or eating methods that you are not used to. (carb loading, taking a pre-workout drink, energy drinks, smoothies etc.)

Do: Drink water throughout the day of competition and the night before.
Don’t: Get dehydrated by not having water. Even if you’re not thirsty, you still need to drink water!

Do: Arrive to the gym 30 minutes before your heat to get warmed up properly like you would for class.
Don’t: Show up to the gym 5 minutes before and not be warmed up.

Do: Warm up before each WOD. Treat them as 3 separate workouts with 3 separate warm ups.
Don’t: Warm up once before WOD 1 and think that’ll last you all morning.

Do: Have all your personal equipment ready and set for each WOD (weight belt, knee sleeves, wrist wraps, chalk….)
Don’t: Try to locate your equipment at the last minute right before the WOD starts.

Do: Respect your judge and their call on all movement standards
Don’t: Argue with the judge. Their call is final and will not be reversed.

Do: Have fun and enjoy the experience!!
Don’t: Stress out about it! It’s a competitive exercising competition amongst friends and your No Excuses CrossFit family. You will be supported and encouraged no matter your score!

Do: Communicate with your teammates before the day of competition to come up with a game plan on how to attack each WOD.
Don’t: Go into each WOD with a mentality of just figuring it out on the fly. On the other hand, don’t take all the fun out by being overly analytical!

(If you have any questions about this list, the Hugo Open or competition prep, reach out to a coach!)

Have FUN, enjoy yourself, SMILE, cheer on your teammates (and other teams!), enjoy the spirit of friendly competition, give it your best effort and be proud of what you can contribute to your team! 

Time to Crush It!