Monday 4.14.14

Essentials, Fitness, Performance:
Back Squat 10 min to find 1RM

REST Exactly 10 Minutes

Back Squat 85% of A for 1 set as many UB reps @ 30×1
* Make sure to take 85% of A and not you best Back Squat. If tempo is broken then rep doesn’t count and your set is done*

5 minute AMRAP
Ring Row x 3 reps UB
*After every 3 reps hands have to leave the ring before performing the next 3 reps. You are to record the number of completed sets of 3, not total reps. If you fail to get 3 in a row then that set is terminated and you start back with the first rep for that set. Standard for everyone is feet are placed directly under where the rings hang and bottom of the rings should be lower to a hight half way between nipple line and belly button, when standing. *