Monday 6.22.20

3 Sets
DeadBug x 7 per side
Hip Switch x 7 per side
Side plank Clam Shell x 7 per side
Squat Pull Down x 7 reps

Benchmark Day 1
20 RM Goblet squat
*guys have to hit 70# and laddies 55# to move to the Lunges. You may hit more weight but that’s the minimal

8 RM per leg Barbell On Back Step back Lunge
* guys have to hit 60% of their body weight or greater and ladies 50% of their body weight or greater. To move on to the Back Squat.

3 RM Back squat
* first marker is Body weight
* second Marker is body weight x 1.75
If you hit the second marker then…
1 RM Back Squat

-Pull Up-
Hang From Bar x max time
* 90 sec or greater to move on to the pull ups

Unbroken Banded Strict Pull Ups x 5 for males / 3 for females… Find the band color.
* To move on they must get the 5/3 with no band.

Unbroken Strict pull up No Band
*To move on to the weighted pull you must get 10 or more unbroken strict pull ups.

1rm weighted pull up

-Grip Strength-
Max distance Dual Dumbbell Farmers Carry 70/50
*this is scored in 10ft segments with a 50ft turn around .