Monday 9.14.20

It’s Benchmark Week, so when you come to the gym please get your scorecard from the basket. Please fill out your scorecard and return it to the basket after class each day.

2 Sets
DeadBug x 7 per side
Hip Switch x 7 per side
Side plank Clam Shell x 7 per side
Squat Pull Down x 7 reps

Benchmark Day 1
20 RM Goblet squat
*guys have to hit 70# and laddies 55# to move to the Lunges. You may hit more weight but that’s the minimal

8 RM per leg Barbell On Back Step back Lunge
* guys have to hit 60% of their body weight or greater and ladies 50% of their body weight or greater. To move on to the Back Squat.

3 RM Back squat
* first marker is Body weight
* second Marker is body weight x 1.75
If you hit the second marker then…
1 RM Back Squat

-Pull Up-
Hang From Bar x max time
* 90 sec or greater to move on to the pull ups

Unbroken Banded Strict Pull Ups x 5 for males / 3 for females… Find the band color.
* To move on they must get the 5/3 with no band.

Unbroken Strict pull up No Band
*To move on to the weighted pull you must get 10 or more unbroken strict pull ups.

1rm weighted pull up

-Grip Strength-
Max distance Dual Dumbbell Farmers Carry 70/50
*this is scored in 10ft segments with a 50ft turn around .