Monday, April 16, 2012.

” Team Cardio”
3 x 200m – 400m- 600m Run
One person runs 200m as the other rests, then 400m is run while other rest and so on……

Coaches Notes: Interval training promotes lean muscle mass which helps burn fat by keeping metabolism elevated.  If you want to look lean like the guy pictured below, interval train!

Read this article from the Crossfit Journal — Metabolic Conditioning

For those injured or have issues running.  You can perform this on a rower.

Lean muscle help burn fat


No Excuses Team (Tony Palazzo, Chris Mount, Jeff Kingery, Stephanie Kingery, Chris Graham, Mario, Chris Crowder, and Ben Davis) finished 2nd this weekend at the Affliate League Season in a Day Competition at CrossFit Addiction.  Great Job Team!!