Monday, July 30, 2012.

9 Min AMRAP:

7 Pull ups
7 Thrusters

Rx’d: 115#/85#
Intermediate: 95#/65#
Scaled: 75#/45#










Matt Z is coming out of full extension of the thrusters here.  The camera just happened to pick the point at which he is on the way back down with the bar.  Or…….we could, for learning purposes, say that he needs to hit full extension with the elbow at the top.  Everything else looks pretty good.  Good head position at the top. Good extension at the hips and knees.  From this angle, it seems as though he could lift the chin just a bit more and tighten down the rib cage by contracting the upper abdomen which will improve his midline stabilization (hollow body). He may also be able to improve the torque in the hip by bringing in the toes.   Matt is an absolute beast!  This picture does him good justice.  Look at how small everyone is in comparison to him. :)  Keep up the hard work Matt.  From being able to complete only a few rounds of “Cindy” when you first started to doing the things your doing now is unbelievable.  Being given the opportunity to coach you has been a major blessing in my life as I am sure it has in every other coaches lives as well!  We love you brother!