Monday, June 6


Equipment required: Foam roller, light/medium band, light KB

1) Foam Roll Pecs 60s each

2) Biphasic Pec Stretch 60s each

3) 3 Rounds of:

– 20 ft Reverse Bear Crawl

– 5 Skip Jacks

– 5 each Single Arm Row

– 5 each Tall Kneeling KB Halo

4) Incline Close Grip Bench w. an empty barbell

1 x 5 w 1s pause halfway down, 1s pause at chest.


Incline Close Grip Bench

Build to a heavy 3 over 5 sets. 


– Sets of 5,4,3,3,3

– Use two #45 plates to elevate bench


‘Jones Bones’


10 Toes to Bar

10 Push Jerks (135/95)

200 Meter Run

– Goal: Challenging effort, find a pace that is sustainable for 12:00 and ramp up the intensity during the last two minutes

Last tested 1/25

Rx+: (155/105) (21/18 Calorie Assault Bike or Ski Erg in place of Run)

L3: (115/75)

L2: (Straight Leg Raises or Knee Lifts) (95/65 Push Press)

L1: (Weighted V-ups) (DB Push Press, neutral grip)


Plate Figure 8s

2 x 10 each. Rest 60s