Tuesday, March 13, 2012

At 75% of your 1 RM back squat, do 5 sets of 3 repetitions back squat.
Rest as 2-3 minutes between sets, and if 75% is too light, take it up. – (15 min total).

20 rounds:
every 60 seconds perform the following…10x Ball slams (men=35#, women=25#), 1x suicide sprint.
*Note: suicide sprint = Start on the line, sprint out to the 10 yard line (touch the line), sprint back to the start line (touch the line), then sprint out to the 20 yard line (touch the line), and sprint back to the start line. This equals 1x suicide sprint.
The goal for this is 30-35 seconds work, 30 seconds rest. If you are finishing the rounds at 40-45 seconds, modify the ball slams accordingly.

CrossFit Games Update: Open Week 2.

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The World’s Best Personal Security Does CrossFit” by Traver H. Boehm, Breaking Muscle.