New Year Nutrition Challenge 2018

When: Monday, Jan. 8 through Friday, March 30


Saturday, Jan. 6 – Nutrition Challenge meeting with Fresh N Fit Cuisine^, Tanita scale with Holly

Monday, Jan. 8 – 12-week Nutrition Challenge starts, Tanita scale with Holly

Wednesday, Jan. 10 – Nutrition challenge WOD

Saturday, Jan. 13 – check-in (best food prep picture superlative, winner gets food compartment storage containers.)

Saturday, Jan. 27 – check-in (best food picture with recipe superlative, winner gets $25 Kroger gift card)

Saturday, Feb. 10 – check-in (superlative TBA)

Saturday, Feb. 24 – check-in (superlative TBA)

Saturday, March 10 – check-in (superlative TBA)

Wednesday, March 28 – Nutrition challenge WOD re-do

Friday, March 30 – final results due, Tanita scale with Holly

Saturday, March 31 – celebration dinner

Cost: $200*

*If you complete the challenge you get $100.

Number of people in the challenge: 15 people

Challenge types:

*The pre-requisite for doing any of the challenge types is taking fish oil for 21 consecutive days and drinking two liters of water each day.

Level 1: Eat 5 meals a day every 3-4 hours. Each meal must have a lean protein, vegetables, healthy fat, and a carbohydrate. No sugar. Quantity of food does not matter. 

Level 2: Eat 5 meals a day every 3-4 hours. Each meal must have 6 ounces for males and 4 ounces for females of uncooked lean protein, 2 cups of vegetables, 2 tablespoons of healthy fat, and 1 cup of carbohydrate. No sugar. No processed foods

Level 3: Eat 5 meals throughout the day based on when you workout, weigh and measure food. Follow RP templates.

How do I get my $100 back?

•You must attend 3 of the 5 check-in meetings.

•You must submit your final results of the challenge.

•You must do before and after photos. (Photos do not have to be shared publicly. They are for your own personal reference.)

•Must do the challenge WOD and re-test. 

•Must WOD at the gym 36 times during the challenge.

•Must post once a week in Facebook nutrition page about the challenge. (food prep picture, recipe, results, frustrations, questions, etc.)

•In addition to getting your $100 back, each person that completes the challenge will have their name put in a drawing for a free pair of Reebok Nanos. 

Fresh N Fit Cuisine^

Fresh N Fit will offer members the opportunity to try out a few samples, take home an actual meal to try out, have the Tanita Body Composition Analyses read out. In addition, a Registered Dietitian phone consultation and a 20% discount for the entire challenge towards the purchase of Fresh N Fit Cuisine. The 20% is not a first or one time purchase, but anytime they purchase throughout the challenge. Fresh N Fit will also give out a prize to the winner of the challenge.