Nutrition Throwdown info

When: Jan. 31 through March 28 (eight weeks)

Cost: $80 with body fat test, $50 without body fat test

Who is this for?

Anyone that is looking to improve their performance in the gym, gain muscle or lose fat.

How does it work?

Teams of four people will work together to reach their nutrition and fitness goals. Your team will accumulate points for doing things like working out, participating in the CrossFit Open (scaled or Rx division), keeping a food journal, sharing recipes, participating in workshops and team motivation. Come on Saturday and the details on earning points will be discussed.

Why is it a team format?

To keep you accountable! Don’t worry about letting other people down. Do your best and don’t let yourself down!

What else is included?

There will be weekly workshops going over the following topics.

How much should I eat?

Meal planning

Grocery store tour

Goal setting

Recipe swap

Do I have to do the body test?

No, you don’t have to do the body fat test. Your body fat test has no impact on the Nutrition Throwdown.

What if I don’t have a team?

Come to the workshop on Saturday, Jan. 31 at 10 a.m. and we’ll find a team for you.

More questions?