Saturday 4.2.16

Essentials/ Fitness/ Performance:
Teams of 2-3
24min AMRAP
Med Ball Lunge x 8 meters 20/14
Wall Ball x 8 Reps 20/14
Burpee x 8 Reps
Med Ball Sit Up x 8 Reps 20/14

*This is a relay style WOD. All members of the team will start 8 meters away from their wall ball target. Team mate 1 will lunge with their med ball down to the wall and then proceed to complete there 8 wall ball. Upon completion they will then advance to the next station carrying their med ball with them and proceeded to do the burpees. Then upon completion of the burpees they will move on to the next station and do there med ball sit ups. Once they are done with there sit ups they will run back to the other team mates taking the med ball with them. The next team member will physically be tagged so that they can start their round and so on with the other members. Each member has to complete the full round before tagging the next member in. The ball has to make it back to the start for the next member to be tagged in. Each member can have a different ball or all use the same ball or any combination of but the ball stays the same once used for the lunges into the wall ball and sit ups. You have to carry the med ball, throwing it will not be allowed. Score is rounds and particle rounds total between all team members