Saturday, January 14, 2012

Teams of 2-4
For Time:
Take all weight down to the 50 meter mark
20 Burpees (Each Team Member)
Take all weight back 50 meters
20 Burpees (Each Team Member)
* Each team(no matter if you have a team of 2, 3, or 4) will have 1x70lb Kettle Bell, 1x55lb Dumb Bell, 2x35lb Kettle Bells, 2x35lb slam balls, 2x25lb slam balls, 6x45lb plates, 4x25lb plates, 1x45lb bar bell, 1x35lb bar bell, and 1x 200lb tire. Only 2 teammates are allowed to carry/do work at a time. You can carry these things in any manner you want including carrying multiple objects at one time. However, nothing can be dragged or touch the ground, including the tire. Once all objects have reached the 50 meter mark, every team member has to perform 20 burpees which everyone can do at the same time. Once the 20 burpees are completed, your team has to take everything back following the same rules. After bringing everything back to 50 meter mark, everyone on your team has to perform 20 more burpees to complete the WOD. Every team member has to participate in the object carry.

Last Completed on: August 20, 2011

No Excuses Group WOD