Saturday, March 18

Note: Friday, March 31 will be the last day we post workouts to the web site. No Excuses CrossFit members may view the workouts through the Chalk It app. Please contact Coach Brandon at to get the access code.


Equipment Required: Foam roller, light KB, plyo box

1) Foam roll wherever you need it x 60s each side

2) 3 each Spiderman Lunge

3) 3 rounds:

– 5 KB RDLs

– 5 each 1-arm KB Split Stance Rows

– 10 total Box Step-ups

4) Rowing Drills

– Partner up, 1 person does each drill for 30-60s then switch


For Time With A Partner

For time:


Lateral Box Jump Step-downs

Cal Row


alt. DB Renegade Rows (50/30)

*60s Sandbag Bear Hug Hold after each round by each partner

L3: (40/25)

L2: (30/15)

L1: (20/10)

TIME CAP = 30:00

*Sandbag Hold Alternate:

Zercher Lift & Hold



Max 50 Meter Sandbag Carry or Zercher Carries



Pick 1-2 from the list below

– Lizard Pose

– Scorpion Stretch

– Adductor Rock back Stretch

– Prayer Stretch

– Pigeon Pose

(5 breaths each position, long inhale, longer exhale)