Skillz & Drillz

12829375_10153465294303596_3327667132347080860_oThis is a five-week course that meets once a week and will focus on improving gymnastics movements for all skill levels.

When: Friday from 6:30-7:30 p.m.

Cost: $90


April 22

April 29

May 6

May 13

May 20



Movement prep

2-3 skills

Strength element


Q: Who is this class intended for?

A: Anyone! Whether you are still working on your pull up or toes to bar or if you are trying to fine-up your muscle ups or handstand walks.

Q: Are there different levels for Skillz & Drillz like in the regular CrossFit class?

A: Yes, there are three different levels — Starting Point, Base, High-Skill.

Starting Point – The foundation of your gymnastics movements. These are key elements to the higher level skill, which include body control, core stability and activation of the correct muscle groups.

Base – The big three of gymnastics — pull ups, handstand pushups and muscle ups/dips — wil help you develop a solid base for your bodyweight movements in CrossFit.

High-skill – taking the basic movements and moving them to advanced scenarios. Such as handstand pushups with a deficit or on parrallette, strict muscle ups, forward roll, handstand walks walks, etc.

Q: What is the format of the class?

A: It’s one hour long. There will be a warm-up, movement prep, 2-3 skills and a strength element.

Q: How many people are in the class?

A: Due to the individual attention needed, this class is limited to 10 people.

Q: Can I drop-in and do one class?

A.: If the class is not full, you may do a drop-in visit for $25

Q: Can I do the regular CrossFit class on Friday and Skillz & Drillz?

A: Yes. Gymnastics movements are not as neurologically taxing as doing weightlifting.

Q: Will there be a WOD or conditioning piece in Skillz & Drillz?

A: This will be strictly strength and skill development in the gymnastics movements.