SPIRIT OF THE OPEN 17.1: Margie Mallow

Margie Mallow performs a dumbbell snatch during CrossFit Open 17.1 on Friday, Feb. 24.

Each year at the CrossFit Games, they honor someone with the Spirit of the Games award. This honor goes to the ‘athlete who embodies the spirit of the sport.’

Each week during the 2017 CrossFit Open, No Excuses CrossFit will recognize a member it feels represented the Spirit of the Games. This week’s honor goes to …

Margie Mallow has only been doing CrossFit for four months, so when registration rolled around for the CrossFit Open she thought she would not be able to do it. Her initial plan was to come to Friday Night Throwdown to enjoy the community aspect, support her workout friends, and do a scaled or modified version of the WOD.

Then Friday came, she got a judge, did the WOD and was one of the few people to finish the WOD under the time cap. The next day she signed up for the Open.

Margie’s ability to overcome her fear is what CrossFit is all about. It’s about doing things you never imagined your body could do.

Congrats Margie! We are very proud of you!