SuperTeam brings largest competition to No Excuses


The Atlanta Affiliate League’s SuperTeam turned out to be the largest CrossFit competition ever hosted by No Excuses CrossFit on Saturday.

The event drew 23 teams, led by CrossFit Peachtree with three, from Metro Atlanta and more than 200 athletes.

One of those teams was CrossFit Faded Glory’s MDMF, the first-place winners of the competition. “We didn’t have much expectations. He had not practiced any of the workouts because everyone has different work schedules and stuff,” CrossFit Faded Glory captain Shane Robinson said. “But we’re all really good friends and enjoy working out together, so we just tried to come out here and have fun.”

Faded Glory’s members also praised the competition environment provided by No Excuses CrossFit. “I think overall I like how No Excuses’ runs its competitions,” Robinson said. “Everything was on time, always have great judges that help you communicate everything. It was a great atmosphere overall. It was loud and the music was good to help get us pumped and the whole experience was great.”

No Pressure from No Excuses CrossFit competed in SuperTeam earlier this year and exceeded its expectations with a runner-up placement. “Well, we did the SuperTeam earlier this year, so we thought we could come in the top half just from the hindsight and experience,” team captain Addison Williams said.

CrossFit Peachtree’s CFPT was looking for a first-place finish coming into the competition, but placed third overall. “Our expectation was to get a win,” team captain Matt Fencik said. “Our team is pretty well rounded. We have a lot of highly skilled strong guys. The funny thing is we didn’t practice. If we would have practiced, or our communication was a little bit better, our transitions were a little better, it could have been different. But we all had things to do.”

Robinson agreed that he wished his team would have practiced more, too. “We would probably prepare a little more. We had some transition mess ups and stuff we weren’t expecting. Other than that, I was happy how we did overall,” Robinson said. “We were able to communicate. I’m just happy with the team we had and come in here and get it done.”

Fencik thought the competition did a good job of testing the athletes, but did have some ideas for the next competition. “I think it tested all the skills, although I don’t think they tested strength,” Fencik said. “Heavy weights. Our gym is barbell heavy and we like to test it all the time. A 1-rep max or something like that would have been good.”

Williams had praises for the first two WODs and judges. “Definitely WODs one and two were awesome and everything was on time, so that was great,” Williams said. “And actually the refs tended to all be consistent. Consistent is better than fair that way everyone is treated the same.”

Williams added that WOD 3 and the sleds made for a challenge to finish the competition. “I’ll probably say the same thing other people have said, those sleds sucked because they are hard to predict,” Williams said. “If you want a wild card, I guess that’s the thing to keep unpredictable.”

Sponsors and vendors for the event included Barbell VooDoo, 5.11 Tactical, Spider Chalk, Taco Mac, and MeatBallerz.

We really appreciate our judges and volunteers for donating their time: Emily Henrich, Kevin Kern, Chris Mount, Adam Rojas, Patrick Hoydar, Jeremy Edmondson, Drew Gacek, Kyle Benderoth, Bob Sawyer, Chris Fischer, Harold Patrick, and Cameron Weeks.



  1. Faded Glory’s MDMF, 17 points
  2. No Pressure, 21 points
  3. Team CFPT, 25 points
  4. PR’s and Pizza, 39 points
  5. CrossFit Carrollton, 43 points
  6. Team Terminus, 44 points
  7. Aristo-Puppies, 51 points
  8. Hakuna Masquata, 51 points
  9. CrossFit Higher Ground, 56 points
  10. CFRX, 61 points
  11. Super Friends, 67 points
  12. This is the worst, 72 points
  13. Lolita’s, 74 points
  14. Taking Airo Business, 77 points
  15. Team Iconz, 78 points
  16. CFPT CO-ED All Stars, 92 points
  17. Team CFD, 102 points
  18. CFC Shot Callaz, 108 points
  19. CrossFit Peachtree, 108 points
  20. Barn Burners, 111 points
  21. CFC Ballaz, 115 points
  22. CFDA Blue, 119 points
  23. No Balls Allowed, 121 points