Thursday 11.18.21


Equipment required: Foam roller, light KB, medium/light band

1) Foam roll Thoracic & Lats x 60s each

2) AMRAP 8 at a slow pace:

– 2 Upward to Downward Facing Dog w Toe Touch

– 8 each KB Push Press

– 8 each Split Stance KB Rows

– 15 Banded Pull-aparts

– 15 each Single Arm Banded Pushdowns


Upper Body Gymnastics Strength

Pick 1-2 movements and spend 15:00 working on them. Perform small sets focusing on technique and accumulating volume to build strength.

Options include:

– Ring Muscle-ups

– Bar Muscle-ups

– Handstand Push-up (any style)

– Pull-ups (any style)

– Ring Dips

– Handstand Walking

– Rope Climbs



Minute 1: 30s of Skill #1 (Plank, HS hold, Wall sit, etc.)

Minute 2: 30s of Skill #2 (Double under, OLY work with empty barbell)

Minute 3: 30s of Monostructural Movement (Row, Bike, Ski, Run)

– Goal: Stay consistent or improve performance over the course of the EMOM