Thursday 11.24.16

On Thanksgiving (Thursday 11.24) there will be one class time at 9am. On Friday (11.25) class times will be 9:30, 12:30, 4, and 5 (No 6am, 6pm, or 7pm).


Thanksgiving Day WOD – 3 Course meal
• Teams of 3 to 4 people. Partner with like ability people.
• Work only as hard as you need to, given your planned calorie consumption.
* WOD subject to minor changes.

10 min Time Limit – If you finish everything you can rest with remaining time.
You must complete all of each movement before you move to the next as a team of 3 to 4
• 50/70 Wall Balls (line up side by side facing the wall, so A throws, B catches, etc)
• 50/70 KB Swings (2 KB’s can move at the same time as we will have several to choose from)
• 50/70 Box Jumps (share a box)

<Rest 3-5 min> – Equipment put away

Main Course:
16 min AMRAP
Switch every min, so it goes A,B,C,D,A,B,etc rotating movements. If 3 people still go in that order. So each person starts on a different movement and does it for a min then they switch
• Ab Mat Situps
• Pullups/Ring Rows
• Pushups
• Jump Rope

<Rest 3-5 min> – Equipment put away

Row 2,400-meters combined as a team or Run 10 laps out back, only one person works at a time.