Thursday 2.21.13

Hear ye, hear ye: Classes this Saturday are CANCELLED because we are hosting a CrossFit Rowing Certification. Enjoy some time with your family and maybe convince someone to meet you for a quick run or do 100 burpees for time!

Coming up next!! No Excuses Presents: Dinner and a Movie Please join us Friday March 1st at 7 pm for a paleo potluck and a family friendly flick! Sign up next to the chalkboard with the number of people attending and what kind of paleo goodness you are bringing to share! This will be a great chance for us to fellowship and enjoy some great food as a gym family!

Stanky Leg
1000m Row
20 Deadlifts (225,155)
100 Squats

Please help us raise money for the homeless in our community! Sign up HERE to participate and be on your way to giving back a portion of what you have been blessed with! There is so much joy in helping others!

Check out Alexis about to get her WOD on at GG1! Alexis finished first in the youth division!