Thursday 2.25.21


1) 10 Upward to Downard Facing Dog w Toe Touch

2) AMRAP 8 at a slow pace:

8 KB Push Press each arm

8 Split Stance KB Rows each arm

15 Banded Pull-aparts

15 Straight Arm Band Lat Pull-down


Landmine Single Arm Push Press

4 x 8-10 each arm



T2B Drills

10 Minutes – skill work. 

-This should not be fatiguing. 

-This is skill work for Friday’s Open WOD.


EMOM 20 

Minute 1: 40s Max Reps Push-ups

Minute 2: 40s Max Reps Strict Pull-ups

Minute 3: 40s Max Calories Ski Erg or Bike

Minute 4: 40s Max Reps Hang Power Cleans (115/80)

Minute 5: Rest

– Goal: All intervals should be completed with minimal breaks, challenging pace. 

-Score = total reps + calories.

-Rx+: (Handstand Push-ups) (135/95)

-Essentials: Incline Push Ups, Band Assisted Pull ups or Ring Pulls