Thursday 3.10.22


Equipment required: Foam roller, light KB, medium/light band

1) Foam roll Thoracic & Lats x 60s each

2) AMRAP 8 at a slow pace:

– 4 Yoga Push-up

– 8 each KB Push Press

– 8 each Split Stance KB Rows

– 15 Banded Pull-aparts

– 15 each Single Arm Banded Pushdowns


Gymnastics Skill Work

T2B + Static Hold

– Spend 10 Minutes working on improving T2B Technique. Between sets of T2B drills perform a static hold of your choice choosing between:

– Handstand Hold (wall or freestanding) or OH KB Hold x 15s.

– Ring Support or Box Support

L1: Hanging Straight Leg or Knee Raise sets of 5-10 reps



10 Air Squats

10 total Renegade Rows

10 DB Hang Power Snatch (5 ea.)

10/7 Cal Bike or Row

*Your choice of DB weight

– Goal: Sustainable Pace


DB/KB Overhead Tricep Extensions

3 x 12-15. Rest 60s