Thursday 3.16.17

Tabata Burpees (must accumulate at least 40 reps. Masters (50+) must aciculate at least 32 reps)

Cross shin archer R x 1min
Cross Shin Archer L x 1min
Single Leg Saddle R x 1min
Single Leg Saddle L x 1min
Supine Twist R x 1min
Supine Twist L x 1min
Pinwheel R x 1min
Pinwheel L x 1min
Seal x 1min

21min EMOM
1.Jump Rope (single unders, Double Unders)
2. Static Holding, for example (Handstand, Squat, wall sit, plank, side plank…)
3.Move with the PVC ; This can be any BB movement, we want to pick something we need to move better on , not get stronger at.
*All work is to be done in 45 sec with a 15sec rest or transition to the next movement. Reps do not matter with this workout, time is spend to work on performing the movement more efficiently and proficiently rather than worrying about total reps or speed.
ADAPT (Pick 3 of your movements, one for each min)