Thursday 3.18.21


Equipment Required: Foam roller, light DB, light band

1) Foam roll Thoracic spine x 60s

2) 10 Upward to Downward Dog w. Toe Touch

3) 3 rounds:

– 10 DB Single Arm Strict Press each

– 15 Band Pull-aparts

– 20 Jumping Jacks


Split Jerk

1RM in 8 sets. 


– Essentials: 8 x 4 push Jerk


For Total Reps

60s Max Calories Bike

Rest 60s

60s Max Reps HSPU (any style) 

Rest 60s

60s Max Reps Double Unders

Rest 60s

60s Max Reps Renegade Rows (50/35)

Rest 60s

60s Max Reps Alt. DB Snatches

Rest 60s

60s Max Reps C2B Pull-ups

Rest 60s

60s Max Calories Bike

– Goal: 60s of continuous work – not maximal, but hard ~90%. Score = total reps.

-Scale HSPU to Push Ups on the ground or incline push ups

-Scale Double Unders to single reps. 

-Scale C2B to chin-over-bar pull ups or jumping pull ups. 

C. (finisher after class)

Low angle banded face pull

5 minutes

4 x 15-20. 

Rest 60 seconds.