Thursday 9.13.12

Today looks fun!  Back to basics in the WOD with the medball cleans!  I’m sure you remember that from your Foundations class…don’t worry if you need a refresher, we’ll go over it!  Work hard today! Just remember: you are awesome.

A couple quick announcements! Paleo Challenge sign up is still open!  Make a commitment to your health and performance and join us! Also, THIS SATURDAY September 15th we are going to FLASH WOD during Suwanee Day at Town Center Park at 10 am.  Similar to a flash mob, we are going to break out in a workout in Suwanee Town Center Park.  The 10 am FLASH WOD is going to be the only class Saturday so let’s get outside in the fresh air, spread the word about No Excuses CrossFit and have some fun!  Meet at the gym a little before 10!

 1. Deadlift
5 Rep Max

2. “Puck’s Potion”
18-15-12-9-6-3 Reps:
Pull Ups
Medball Cleans (20,14)

Tara getting after it!

oh…and this…