Thursday, October 13


Equipment required: Foam roller, light/medium band, kb

1) Foam Roll Pecs 60s each

2) Biphasic Pec Stretch 60s each

3) 3 Rounds of:

– 20ft Bear Crawl

– 10 Band Pass through

– 10 each Split Stance 1-arm Rows

– 3-5 Plyo Push-ups

4) 3:00 Jump Rope practice

5) Bench Press w. an empty barbell

1 x 5 w 1s pause halfway down, 1s pause at chest.


Close Grip Bench Press

3/9 x 3 every 60s.

– 3 Warm-up sets, 9 working sets

– Switch Grips every 3 sets of working sets starting narrower and finishing slightly wider.

– These are SPEED reps

– 50% of 1RM



Minute 1: 30s Max Double Unders

Minute 2: 30s Max Burpees

Minute 3: 30s Max Cal Bike

Minute 4: 30s Max Ring Rows

– Goal: 30s of hard-effort but sustainable work. Keep rep counts consistent for all 4 rounds.

Rx+: (Ring Muscle-ups for Ring Rows)

L3: (Elevated Ring Rows)

L2: (30s Double Under attmepts)

L1: (30s Penguin Taps) (Up downs)


Rollback Triceps

3 x 12-15. Rest 60s