Top 10 Reasons to Participate in the Paleo Challenge

If you haven’t heard, No Excuses is signed up as an affiliate to participate in the nationwide Lurong Living Paleo Challenge beginning September 17th!  That’s right, just a few weeks!  We are really excited about bringing the Challenge to NE and seeing the amazing performance and health improvements in our athletes throughout the 9-week period!  Some of you may be on the fence about stepping up and joining in, so I am here to present…

The Top 10 Reasons YOU (yes, you!) should participate in the Lurong Living Paleo Challenge!

10.  Multifaceted Approach  This challenge isn’t just about weight loss. It isn’t just about performance. It places paleo eating as the basis for weight loss AND performance.  People who care more about performance than what they look like in a swimsuit will be able to get as much out of this challenge as the person who just wants to drop those LB’s.  There is a performance aspect (read: WODs and weekly skill challenges) as well as a body measurement aspect to this challenge.  Whatever your goals are, the challenge will help you work towards them!

9.  Online Tracking This challenge will be tracked completely online.  You will have a personal dashboard that will help you keep track of your points for diet, performance, improvement, and bonus points.  You can also see where you rank in the gym as well as nationwide in your division and region.

8.  Competition There are three benchmark WODs, and weekly skill challenges that will allow you to compete with others across the country to see where you stack up (similar to the CrossFit Opens).  A nice healthy dose of competition can fuel you to stay committed to your goals and work hard.

7.  Prizes Uh, hello! Did ya hear me? Prizes! Who doesn’t love to win stuff? Especially cool CrossFit gear.  Not only is Lurong bringing you prizes from Skinz, Reebok, Trigger Point Performance, Steve’s Original and Life as Rx, No Excuses has some great in-house prizes from Stronger Faster Healthier, Progenex, 2Pood to name a few!

6. Charities Your participation in this challenge actually benefits two awesome charities that help support and encourage underprivileged youth and one that aids post-9/11 veterans.  Check out Steve’s Club, the Claudio Reyna Foundation and The Mission Continues.  It’s a win-win!

5. Gym-Makeover Check this out…the affiliate that WINS this thing actually wins a $50,000 gym makeover. This includes equipment (including 4 tons…literally 8,000 lbs of bumper plates), recovery/mobility kits, website upgrade, custom affiliate t-shirts and much more…Wowzers. Let’s do this thing y’all!

4. Rx and Scaled  Similar to our paleo challenges of the past, there are still two divisions. Having both an Rx and a scaled division will allow everyone to compete at their appropriate skill level. Don’t be intimidated to join because you don’t have pull-ups or are just starting to get the swing of this “CrossFit” thing.  This challenge is for all our athletes!

3. Community Being a part of this challenge will build up our community here at No Excuses! Imagine the camaraderie, support and excitement of everyone working together to meet our health and performance goals.

2. Support “9 weeks?! That’s a long time Laura. I don’t think I can go without (insert food) for that long.” The beauty of this challenge (and of having everyone in the gym signed up!) is that we can hold each other up through those times of weakness.  We can talk about how it’s going…share tips, recipes, new food ideas and watch each other blow this paleo-thing out of the water! You won’t be going it alone!

and then number one reason for participating in the paleo challenge…

1. This could change your life. Nine weeks is going to go by whether you do the challenge or not. It’s true. Eventually the challenge will be over and you will either be healthier and more fit, or you will wish you were.  If you commit to this challenge and really give it your all, there is no telling where you will be in 9 weeks.


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