Tuesday 4.23.13

Great job with “Michael” yesterday! Everyone pushed really hard and did us proud!  No running today.  Today the stimulus is load, not necessarily time.  Pick a weight you can do 15-12-9 UNBROKEN.  Don’t go super light then decide to add weight as you go.  Pick a weight and stick with it.  Use your warm up well to decide where you want to go. You can rest in the rack, or in the hang, but can’t rest on the floor.  If you fail on the 12 set at 9 or 10, you are finished with that set.  Rest and then attempt the 9’s.  Go get ’em gang!

Clean & Jerk

*Reps must be unbroken. Rest as needed between sets.


 photo 78C93A38-F895-4739-B9AB-8BCF95A00158-25121-000017B59ED9B687_zpse267d52e.jpg
We gotta do what?!


FREE Nutritional Clinic at No Excuses CrossFit – Thursday, April 25th at No Excuses CrossFit – Open to all members!! The topic for this first clinic is “Fat! Good, bad and the ugly”.  We will also be covering general topics and outlines concerning your nutrition (diet: way of life) to help you optimize your health and fitness through how you are “fueling” your body.  (Food=Fuel)

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