Tuesday 4.28.20

3 Sets
Bird Dog x 10 per side
Standing Hip CAR’s x 5 per leg per direction
Squat Pull Down x 10 reps
Hip Switch x 5 per side

7 Sets
Wall Sit x 45 sec
Right into
Step Back Lunges x max reps 45 sec
Rest 1 min

12 min Amrap
V- Ups x 6 reps
No Push Up Burpee x 6 reps

At the Gym
7 Sets
Back Squat x 3 reps
On the 2:30 min Marks
*Start with light weight and build each set to moderate weight on the last set. Don’t go heavy, we are trying to get our strength back the right way without injury so don’t try to jump back to the weights you were moving before.

12 min Amrap
Toes to Bar x 6 reps
Kettlebell Swing x 6 reps 55/35