Tuesday, August 30


Equipment required: Foam roller, medium band

1) Foam Roll Glutes + Quads x 60s each

2) 5 Upward to Downward Facing Dog

3) 10 each Dynamic Pigeon Pose

4) AMRAP 5:

– 10 ft Crab Walk Reverse

– 10 each X-Band Walk

– 5 each Walking Lunge Steps



5:00 Double Under Practice

– 30s Penguin Taps facing the wall

– 30s Double Under Attempts


5 Rounds

60s Max Jump Rope (30s Double Unders 30s Single Unders)

60s Max Box Step-ups

60s Max Cal Bike

60s Max Up Downs

60s Rest

– Goal: Challenging but consistent 60s efforts at each station without stopping.

Rx+: (60s Double Unders)

L2: (30s Double Under Attempts)

L1: (30s Penguin Taps)


Banded Face Pull Aparts

100 Reps AFAP