Tuesday, September 20


Equipment required: Foam roller, light KB, Jump rope

1) Foam roll Thoracic & Lats x 60s each

2) AMRAP 8 at a slow pace:

– 4 Yoga Push-up

– 8 KB High Pull

– 8 each Split Stance KB Rows

– 30s Jump rope practice


5 Rounds For Quality

Against a 4:00 Clock

50 Double Unders

12 each Renegade Rows (50/35)

8 each DB Snatch

Remaining time Max Cal Row/Bike *alternate each round

Rest 60s

– Goal: Challenging effort, keep splits consistent. Score = total calories.

L3: (40/25)

L2: (30/15)

L1: (20/10) (Single Unders or Penguin Taps)


Mobility Flow

AMRAP 6 at a slow pace with a light KB:

3 each Front Rack Shin Box Hip Lift

3 each KB Halos

1 each KB Arm Bar

– Goal: Connect your movement with your breath and move with intention


Band Paloff Press

3 x 10 each. Rest 60s