Wednesday 1.19.22


Partner 1 rows as close to 100 Meters as possible while Partner 2 completes 10 Air Squats and 5 Sit-ups. For every Meter over 100, Partner 1 must do that many Burpees. Complete 3 full rounds each.


6 Rounds For Quality

500 Meter Bike

120 ft Single Arm Farmers Carry Left (62/44)

50 Single Unders

200 Meter Row

120 ft Single Arm Farmers Carry Right

– Goal: Nasal breathing, steady pace. The Row and Bike are interchangeable here, switch as necessary to facilitate a smooth class flow.

Rx+: (70/53)

L3: (53/35)

L2: (44/26)

L1: (35/20)


Half Kneeling High Low Band Chop

3 x 8 each. Rest 60s.


Rower Seesaw Plank

3 x 6-8 3s in 3s out. Rest 60s