Wednesday 1.5.21


Equipment required: Foam roller, medium band

1) Foam Roll Adductors + Quads x 60s each

2) Adductor Rockback Stretch x 60s each side

3) Biphasic Hip Flexor Stretch 60s each side

4) AMRAP 5:

– 5 each Banded Bird Dogs

– 10 Banded Overhead Goodmornings

– 5 each Plank Waves


Every 6:00 x 5

12 Hollow Rocks

10 Up-downs

8 each KB Windmills

then remaining time:

Easy pace Bike, Ski or Row

– Goal: Nasal breathing, easy, sustainable pace. 

Score = How many grams of protein you ate for breakfast

L1: (Half Kneeling KB Windmill)


Side Plank with DB external rotation

3 x 8-10 each. Rest 60s.