Wednesday 12.12.12

It’s 12-12-12!  That’s gotta mean something, right?!  Happy “All-12’s-Day” (I made that up.) Enough of that nonsense. Want to hear something cool?!  We are gearing up for another Paleo Challenge to begin December 27th.  This time it is completely in-house and we have the Body Fat Test Truck coming pre- and post-challenge.  Having your body fat percentage assessed via hydrostatic (underwater) weighing is the gold standard.  In other words, all other methods are validated against this method.  Why is measuring body fat important? Sometimes when you make huge changes to your body composition the number on the scale doesn’t change – but you look way different and you are stronger!  The Body Fat Test will be able to tell you how much fat you have lost and how much muscle you have gained after 9 weeks of good, clean paleo livin’.  There is a sign-up sheet on the whiteboard and the cost is $50 for the whole challenge!

Goat Day is back!!

Goat Day – OTM x 20
Odd – Goat #1
Even – Goat #2

goat (n) – 1. Furry little mountain creature. Usually trots, loves cabbage;  2. A particular movement, skill, or lift that you consider a weakness.

Band of Brothers

Double Under December in full effect! Pick a manageable yet challenging number of DU’s to complete each day (10, 25, 50…100..). If you don’t have DU, do 200 singles and then 10 DU attempts each day!