Wednesday 4.13.22


Equipment Required: Medium band, foam roller

1) Foam roll wherever you need it x 60s each side

2) 5 Upward Dog to Standing w Toe Touch

3) 3 rounds:

– 20ft Bear Crawl

– 10 Wall Slides

– 10 Scap Push-ups

– 5 each Half Kneeling KB Windmill


Gymnastics Skill Work

8:00 to accumulate volume of:

10s Hanging L-Sit Hold or Bar Hang

10s Ring Support or Box Support

10 Alternating Pistols or Box Pistols or 10s each Pistol Bottom position hold


4 Rounds

200 Meter Row

3 each Kettlebell Windmills

400 Meter Run

5 each Turkish Get-ups

– Goal: Sustainable Pace, nasal breathing. Your choice of weight today.

L1: (Half Kneeling Windmill) (Turkish Sit-up)

TIME CAP=25:00


Plate Figure 8s

2 x 10 each direction. Rest 60s.

– Try to minimize all movement except the arm. This is great mobility work for the shoulder