Wednesday 4.7.21


Equipment required: Foam roller, light band

1) Foam Roll – where you’re sore for 30-60s per spot

2) Spiderman Lunge 4 each

3) Bird Dogs: 2 x 10 each

4) X-Band Walk + Goodmorning x 2 Rounds (5 reps right/5 reps left/5 GM)

5) Bike, Row, Jump Rope: 8 x 20s on/10s off – increase intensity each round


Running Drills

-5 minutes

-Coach led


0:00 – 18:00

Bike, Row, Light Jog, Single Unders – you can split 20:00 between multiple pieces in 2:00 increments.

18:00 – 30:00

Odd Object Carry x 100 Ft sets.

– Goal: Today is intended to be low-intensity aerobic training, let your intensity be dictated by your ability to nasal breath. If you don’t have Sandbags/Stones/Heavy Medball etc perform a Front Rack, Farmer, or Crossbody Carry.


World’s Greatest Stretch

10 reps each side